About Us


The Selvam Educational And Charitable Trust And Rajas Educational And Charitable Trust Vadakkangulam Were Established In The Year 1984 Under The Chairmanship Of Dr. S . A . Raja A Popular Philanthropist And Educationist Hailing From Vadakangulam.


To set high satndards in the drivers field of professional education. To spread the fragrance of learning even to the remotest part of the country. To evolve new dimensions in Research and Technology. To inculcate moral values, and develop leadership , Citizenship with dignity.


We have an active Association of passed-out students who are well placed in India and Abroad. Majority of them are NRIs who always keep in touch with the parent association at the campus and our Chairman. They have their own chapters, especially in Canada, USA, Europe, GCC countries, Japan, Australia, Korea and elsewhere.


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